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Reproductive Related
Mental Health Issues

Postpartum Therapy for women & men. 

Any mental disorder for which one is predisposed (depression, anxiety, OCD) is more likely to emerge in the “perfect storm” of being a new parent.  Stressors include hormonal changes, hypervigilance associated with parenthood, sleep deprivation, the stress of a major life change, and being responsible for a newborn.

Postpartum Depression

Symptoms include sad mood, loss of interest in usually enjoyable things, and little interest in or attachment to infant, in first year after childbirth.

Post Childbirth OCD (in new fathers with OCD)

It is sometimes overlooked that men who have OCD can have a bad OCD episode triggered by having a new baby.

Postpartum Panic Disorder and Perinatal Panic Disorder

Postpartum OCD and Perinatal OCD

OCD in these periods is characterized by fear of harming the baby, fear of contaminating the baby, disgust when changing the diaper, and fear of SIDS.  These fears lead to compulsions including avoiding being alone with the baby, avoiding bathing the baby or changing baby’s diaper, or excessive checking to be sure the baby is breathing.

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